It was a long and exhausting task: playing hundreds of online games for hours in a row, day after day. It was hard, but someone had to do it.

The result is the list that you will find below. Enjoy!

Action Games

1. IndestructoTank


indestructotank game



As you probably guessed, on this game, you get to drive an indestructible tank around. Once attacked by enemies’ bombs, the tank will be blasted into the sky and you will be able to hit the helicopters and planes. The more enemies you manage to take down on a single combo, the more points you earn. Make sure to reach the required experience points before your fuel ends.

Click here to play IndestructoTank

2. Electricman2HS


electricman2hs flash



A fighting game where you need to beat down several opponents at the same time. The variety of kicks, punches, throws and defensive movements really creates a funny experience. You even have slow motion movements a la Matrix!

Click here to play Electricman2HS

3. The Fancy Pants Adventure




Think about Sonic the Hedgehog with a more clean design and some physics effects added. Ah, and a character that wears some really fancy pants! Just run through the levels, avoiding the monsters and collecting the swirls and trophies.

Click here to play The Fancy Pants Adventure

4. Dino Run




On this game you play a small dinosaur that is trying to escape the imminent extinction from a fallen meteor. You basically need to run among obstacles, hills and fellow dinosaurs that are also trying to escape. Putting it short: Run like there is no tomorrow!

Click here to play Dino Run

5. Matrix Rampage


matrix rampage



The Matrix fans out there will have fun with this one. You play as Neo in this game, jumping to and from floors on buildings and killing agents along the way. Guns, swords, staffs and pretty much everything else on the scenario can be used to get the job done.

Click here to play Matrix Rampage

6. Amorphous+





The Gooples are all around you. They are colored bubbles that float around trying to kill you. Luckily, you are not alone. You have a huge-ass knife to cleave them all!

Click here to play Amorphous+

7. Double Wires


double wires game



Ever wanted to fly around like Spider Man? With this little Flash game, you can get close to it. You’ll use your mouse to shoot two wires and prevent the little guy from falling. The objective is to go as far as possible.

Click here to play Double Wires